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Jose Camacho

Jose is our Accountant at OJARI. Jose has been by Dr. Olga's side since before her success with her Hyperbaric Chamber and OJARI Business, so he has great experience in what Dr. Olga expects from him. (Also helps that he's married to her)

Rochelle Camacho-Alvarez

Rochelle is our Marketing and Web Design Manager. She is the creative part of this team and has helped develop new ideas for the company, including launching this new and improved website. She kept in mind of making the website user friendly and full of information for new and current customers. Rochelle is the youngest daughter of Dr. Olga and just recently earned her Bachelor Degree in Marketing. She is excited to see and hear the feedback from customers, so she can keep improving OJARI.


Aguilera,M.D. & C.H.T.

Founder & CEO of OJARI Skincare by Dr. Olga

With 30 years of experience as M.D., Dr. Olga has always been passionate in researches done in the medical field and of course in the skin anti-aging advances. Dr. Olga believes in multidisciplinary approach to regenerate our body cells, therefore she's aware that to achieve our body cell regeneration we must work hand in hand with nature and science.

Dr. Olga decide to make OJARI Skincare a family owned company which includes her  husband, Jose, and her children Ambar, Rochelle and Ivan. Dr. Olga shared her passion towards developing a Skincare line and got the support of her family in order to ensure success. With Dr. Olga and her family's combination of experience, OJARI Skincare will triumph in the Skincare Industry. Dr. Olga and her family reside in Santa Barbara, CA.

Ivan Camacho

Ivan is our Public Relations Associate and Packaging and Delivery Associate. Ivan has also been helping Dr. Olga since before her success at OJARI Skincare because of his own experience selling and promoting his own products through his own business. Ivan is the oldest son of Dr. Olga and he is eager to assist OJARI customers with their orders and special requests as the business continues to grow.

Ambar Camacho

Ambar is our Skin Advisor and Beauty Expert. When it comes to deciding what the best formula is and what beauty regime to recommend, Dr. Olga insists in Ambar's advice. Ambar has over 5 years of experience in selling luxurious skincare brands and has heard the feedback that Dr. Olga has taken into account when making her products. Ambar is helping make OJARI better than our competitors by joining our team. Ambar is Dr. Olga's middle daughter and has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology.

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