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After 20 years of research and practice in the medical field of Neuro-Immuno-Toxicology and anti-aging. I got the opportunity to see many patients with history of toxic exposure and chemical sensitivities that sadly couldn’t use any regular products due to their very sensitive skin. And having had that experience I came to the realization of the importance of developing a unique non-toxic, strong, still effective and pleasant skin care line that could fit any skin type, even to the most sensitive one. All That resulted in creating a professional skin care line now known as OJARI. 

In OJARI we go beyond by working with some of the best laboratories to develop our exquisite serums and nourishing creams finding the best formulas that improve skin absorption for best results. Always with the commitment of continuing innovating so we can offer the best to you. OJARI's main objective is to deliver cutting edge formulas for skin rejuvenation without harming your body, always using the most luxurious natural ingredients together with the most recent advances in anti-aging skin care. And our important mission of helping our customers to keep youthful, healthy and beautiful skin.



Dr. Olga Aguilera M.D., C.H.T.

CEO & Founder 

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