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Stem Cell Eye Cream

Stem Cell Eye Cream




 The power of regeneration
 Protects longevity of skin stem cells
 Combats chronological aging
 Anti-wrinkle
 Delay senescence of essential cells
 Paraben Free
 Never Tested on Animal


Our Plant Stem cell Serum is formulated with an organic blend of the most natural ingredients including the best molecular Hyaluronic acid, hexapeptides, growth factor stimulators, ceramides, antioxidants, glycosaminoglycans and high oxygenated water. Seeking a way to revitalize aging skin, scientists have found that skin rejuvenating benefits with plant stem cell technology, ceramides, nutrients and antioxidants from plant extracts.
These findings have been confirmed in a recent clinical trial, in which 88% of the participants experienced visible reduction of wrinkles and 90% experienced greater
skin hydration.

  • Why Stem Cells?

    Plant stem cells protect skin stem cells. How does this work?

    Every stem cell contains specific epigenetic factors whose task is to preserve the stem cells & multi-potency and its ability to self-renew. Biochemistry researchers have discovered that plant stem cells contain epigenetic factors like those of adult human stem cells. Applied in the right way, they have a positive impact on the vitality of skin stem cells and their proper functioning. Stem Cell Serum allows plant stem cells to preserve and protect skin stem cells.
    PhytoCellTech® - a novel plant cell culture technology has been invented to cultivate dedifferentiated callus cells from plants. These plant’s cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, assuring the longevity of skin cells. The Skin Stem Cell Serum protects longevity and combats chronological aging while delaying senescence of skin cells, preserving the youthful look and vitality of one's skin. The research has demonstrated that PhytoCellTech™ clearly has a positive effect on stem cell characteristics. The breakthrough ingredients (PhytoCellTech) boost the production of human skin stem cells, protects human skin stem cells from stress, thus decreasing wrinkles and producing younger, fresher looking skin.

    The studies show that it protects skin stem cells thus promoting self-renewal capacity of the skin. Plant stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites that assure the longevity of skin cells. The application of plant cell cultures to maintain the function of skin stem cells is a breakthrough in anti-aging.

  • How to Use

    In the morning start with
    - Clean your face and apply Rose Water Toner.
    - Then use the #1 Stem Cell Serum - apply about three to four
    drops of the serum into a clean hand and carefully smooth over
    face and neck.
    - Follow up with a Moisturizer – either OJARI a) Gold Restoration
    Infusion with Hyaluronic acid or b) Skin Hydration System

    -Finish with OJARI Premium Facial Oil (full of ceramides from
    plant extracts)

    In the night start with the
    1.- Cleanser,
    2.- Stem cell serum,
    3.- Stem cell eye cream - (massage softly around your eyelids w
    the metal side of the spatula) &
    4.- Finish with Stem Cell Night Cream or with the Premium Facial
    Oil all over the face and neck.

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