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Repair Eye Serum

Repair Eye Serum


Repair Eye Serum - .5 oz

  • Product Description

    This super-potent serum dramatically reduces the look of every key sign of aging around the fragile eye area: Fine lines, Wrinkles, Puffiness, Dark circles, Dryness.

    ENVIRONMENTAL REPAIR - This lightweight serum is formulated with anti-pollution technology to help significantly inhibit the appearance of visible damage from environmental assaults. GOOD FOR PREVENTION AND HYDRATION It Creates the optimal environment to keep your eyes looking younger, healthy and radiant. Hyaluronic Acid helps skin lock in moisture and strengthen its protective moisture barrier. The Powerful anti-oxidants help to neutralize environmentally generated free radicals before they can cause future damage.

  • How to Use

    Apply AM and PM to clean skin around eye area before your moisturizer. A little goes a long way, you will need a drop under each eye.

  • Large Order

    If you need to make a large order, please contact us.

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