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Organic Neroli Cleansing Gel

Organic Neroli Cleansing Gel


Neroli oil is a natural choice when the goal is to boost luminosity and promote a natural, healthy glow. Nutrient rich, neroli oil aids in the natural regeneration process of the skin which, in turn, leads to healthier, younger looking skin. This turnover also makes it an excellent choice to fight stretch marks and reduce scars. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, making it a prime anti-aging ingredient. A lesser-known benefit of neroli is that it acts an antiseptic; fighting bacteria that can cause breakouts and unsightly blemishes.

Orange blossoms naturally produce a sweet and floral aroma when neroli oil is extracted (it’s no surprise the French would use this as a perfume!) We love the scent too, which is why it is our one of our favorite aromatherapy oils. It naturally relieves stress and anxiety, calms heart palpitations as well as insomnia and shock. Essential oils often come out differently when extracted (which is why sometimes our oils turn slightly different shades from batch to batch) - so neroli oil can resemble anything from a dark brown to a pale-yellow color. Whatever the color, Consumers are always so pleased to smell this oil in our products. We feel a little like holding luxury in a bottle.


4 oz bottle

  • Product Description


    The perfect potion for those seeking hydrated skin and a luminous complexion. This luxurious elixir contains high concentration of Neroli essential oil extracted from flowers and botanicals to reveal supple, youthful looking skin.
    In addition to reducing signs of aging, neroli essential helps boost blood circulation, which brings healthy cells to the skin’s surface, and encourages collagen production, which boosts the skin’s elasticity.
    Neroli Oil hydrate and heal damaged skin, as well as being ideal for mature, oily, acne prone skin.

  • How to Use

     - Apply 4-6 drops on clean, moist face morning and night
    - Add a few drops of oil into foundation for a luminous glow
    - Add a few drops of oil to your current moisturizer for an added boost to your skincare regimen

  • Ingredients

  • Large Order

    If you need to make a large order, please contact us.

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