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Intensive Night Cream

Intensive Night Cream


For ALL TYPES OF SKIN (compare with RE-NUTRIV lightweight) 1 fl oz. 

Delicious way to deliver nutrition to the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Light facial treatment cream that can be used daily. It is one of our finest Anti-aging facial moisturizers. Our product uses superior quality oils known for their anti-inflammatory, healing, skin-soothing, softening, anti-aging properties. This is a potent deep penetrating blend for reducing dryness and the signs of aging skin. It is superb for daily use and especially great for post-peel and post-laser applications.
When your skin needs extra hydration you can use in combination with our


SKIN HYDRATION COMPLEX for a concentrated moisture boost.
-Very effective treatment to combat moisture loss; treats & prevents
the formation of fine lines.
- Reverses environmental damage.

  • How to Use

    DIRECTIONS OF USE: Morning & night, apply small amount over clean face & neck. You can massage softly with circular movements.

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