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Gold Restorative Cream

Gold Restorative Cream


Our skin is an excellent absorbent and this amazing moisturizing infusion enriched with pure
hyaluronic acid blended with growth factors, nanoparticles of colloidal gold will penetrate easy to stimulate your skin cells for a balanced and improved regenerative function. The system can be enhanced with the Night cream & eye cream to make it a complete skin therapy experience.
- Excellent moisturizer
- Preserves Collagen and Elastin
- One of the strongest antioxidants
- Anti-inflammatory / anti-bacterial
- Reversing the aging / wound healing
- Rejuvenates skin glandular system = anti-aging effect
- Improves blood perfusion / nutrition into the cells
- Anti-tumor activity (skin sun damage protection)
- Detoxifies the skin
- Regulates hormonal imbalances

  • How to Use

    Apply a few drops all over your face & neck area morning and evenings, as first product of the day. It can be used as moisturizer. For better results Follow with the eye cream and one of our nutritive facial oils.
    At night: after the application of the serum and the eye cream, follow with a small amount of the night cream and massage with the stone all over the face and neck, including your eyelids softly for a couple of minutes.

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