Brightening Serum/Kojic Acid - 1oz

Brightening Serum/Kojic Acid

SKU: 00012
  • This Serum is best used to prevent sun damage, dark spots, melasma and skin hyperpigmentation.

    It is a Skin lightening product that actually works and it doesn’t have the dangerous side effects of many chemicals and compounds used as main ingredients. Our Kojic Acid serum has many benefits that other main ingredients can’t offer, one of the main ingredients is Hyaluronic Acid for excelent hydration and optimum penetration. Kojic Acid works in a fairly unique and effective way, especially considering that it’s all-natural. Kojic Acid stop the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the substance that gives our skin its pigment, and the more melanin we have, the darker your skin will be. Therefore, age spots, sun spots, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation will benefit from this brightening serum.