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Brightening Night Cream

Brightening Night Cream


Our OJARI SKIN CARE – KOJIC ACID Brightening System was professionally designed
formula, that also delivers optimum moisturizing effect with hyaluronic acid, rich in antioxidants,
skin nutrition and protection in a complete set of 6 simple steps. We recommend you to use the
Full System consistenly in order to achieve your final objective.

STEP 1 – CLEANSER – (we have 2 presentations - Glycerin Gel or Soap)
STEP 2 – TONER – WITH NATURAL AHA – moist a cotton and apply all over
STEP 3 – KOJIC ACID INFUSION SERUM – apply 2 or 3 drops all over the face
STEP 4 – VITAMIN C SERUM – ANTIOXIDANT EFFECT – 1 pump for all the facial area
STEP 5 – PROTECTION & NURITION - BRIGHTENING OIL – 2 or 3 drops all over he face
STEP 6 – NIGHT CREAM THERAPY – WHILE YOU SLEEP – pea size will be enough for he full
face and make sure to wash your skin very well in the morning. 50+ Sun Protector is highly

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